Membership is by invitation only, but to be invited you  need to meet one or more of the criteria below:

  • Previously Published in a Related Field: Most of our writers got their start in the Tabletop Roleplaying Game field where they produced highly imaginative fictional game material for a variety of publishers and game systems, many of whom have worldwide distribution.
  • A Background in Higher Education: Some of our authors have a Master’s degree in English or higher and have passed on their knowledge of the craft on to the next generation of writers.
  • Have Professionally Published Works of Fiction: Some of our authors have had novels or short stories released through the traditional publishing market. Although this is not the focus of the group, we respect their accomplishments a great deal, and some such authors have been invited into the club.
  • Know the Secret Handshake: Yep, this is a secret handshake club, and we sometimes wear funny hats when we get together and map out our plans for world domination. If you know the secret handshake then I guess we have to let you in too.